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How to create Gift Cards?

How to create Gift Cards? Everyone often skeptical about what to buy to gift on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, or ceremonies. Most people spend their time in searching gifts, greeting cards, personalized items. Few people prefer gift cards. Because gift cards save time and money. You just stop by to your nearest store and grab a gift card as per your denomination. In this article, you are going to see about how to create gift cards most effectively and how to personalize it.

I always use to purchase gift cards because has lot of collection such as Visa, MasterCard, Branded, Corporate, Plastic gift cards, eGift cards etc.

Before buying any gift cards

Before you purchase any gift cards following needs to be taken care

  1. Target audience: Friends, Family, or Colleagues
  2. Your budget and denomination
  3. Brand
  4. Design

Target Audience

First you should understand who is your target audience. If you are going for a birthday party of your colleague’s baby, you need to consider Amazon or Target. If it is for friends, you can consider Best Buy or if it is for colleague, you can consider Staples.

Your Budget

Next is to define your budget. It is ideal to start with $10 and based on your fund availability, you can increase it.


Next you need to decide which brand you are going to buy. offers many brands from Amazon to Shutter fly. It has more than 50+ brands where you can buy gift cards.


Last step is to design your card. has a feature to personalize your gift card. If you are not interested in designing, you can opt for default design. I suggest you to personalize the card, so that your lovable ones don’t throw away your card.

How to create gift cards and buy?

Create an account by clicking this link. allows you to login using your social accounts. Once it is created, login into your account. In this example, I will walk through how to design and buy Visa gift card. Click on Visa menu and then click on Get Started under Personalize as shown below.

GiftCards Get Started

Now you can upload your photos/design from Facebook or from your local desktop.

Add your photo has its own set of guidelines on photos. Not all the photos will be approved. Please check the guidelines before you upload.!/image-guidelines/cac

Once the photos are uploaded, next step is to enter Value of your card, quantity, recipient’s full name and your message. Please see below snapshot for more details. Once you have entered, click on Next Step.

Personalize your card

Your gift card comes with a greeting card, you can select standard carrier or personalized. Standard is free from Click on Next Step.

Greeting Cards

Enter your name and message as shown below and then click on Next Step.

Customize message How to create personalized gift cards?

Now you can review your order and then add to cart. If any changes required, you can make it by clicking on appropriate Edit option.

Review the order - How to create gift cards?

GiftCards will charge you card fees which is $3.95 (for $25 gift card value) as well as Shipping and handling. Once you are done, proceed to checkout.

GiftCards Free USPS Coupon Code

There is a promotion going on where you can get free USPS shipping when you use the coupon code HOLIDAY15

Points to Note

Personalized MasterCard Gift Cards from

Below are the useful links where you can buy gift cards of your favorite store.

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